S kewen Angling Club is a friendly community orientated club which provides angling opportunities for local and holiday anglers throughout the Neath and surrounding area. We have five local venues at present, which offer a variety of coarse fishing catering for everyone from the novice to the specimen angler. Check out our Square Pond Map, which will show you close-up pictures of each of the fishing pegs available at the Square Pond when you click on the dots! There is an All Abilities peg here with wheelchair access for anglers who would otherwise find it difficult to fish.

We hold regular competitions for our members, which are well attended, and also have five coaches who can offer instruction in any aspect of coarse fishing.

On this website you will find up-to-date information on our activities and lots of information on our waters, as well as a load of pictures and a rogues gallery of the committee who run the club.

There is a new forum section where you can ask all your questions and find out more information on the club and its events, and to top it off there is also a great social group called Fishbook, where you will find all sorts of up-to-date information and news articles related to coarse angling, and you can keep in touch and chat with other members of Skewen Angling Club and share all your stuff! To join the group, simply register with the website. Once your account has been approved you'll be good to go! Give it a try!


Here at Skewen Angling Club we love a good-old selfie or two! If you have any pics or videos you'd like to share with us then you're in luck because now it's simpler than ever! Whether it's a simple snap taken by one of our five waters or a picture of your finest catch, sharing your pics and videos couldn't be easier!

Once you've registered with us you may share your pics or videos in any of the galleries. To share your pics or videos, simply select the relevant gallery, such as The Square Pond or Gnoll Pond, and follow the on-screen instructions when the page opens. All the galleries can be found under either Photos or Videos in the main menu. And if that wasn't simple enough, you can also post your pics and videos directly to the Fishbook page by clicking on the camera icons. More on Fishbook below!

In our galleries you will find a heap of photos that show how our club waters were made more accessible to the public, and there's tons of photos of all our members enjoying their favourite pastime - coarse fishing! A huge amount of these photos were provided by committee member Mike Doyle, so a big thank you to Mike for all the great photos! Go take a looksie!


Fishbook is the exciting new social community on Skewen Angling Club (no prizes for guessing how we came up with the name!). Fishbook is a lot like Facebook, except it’s exclusively for coarse anglers only! As well as finding lots of up-to-date information and news articles related to coarse angling, you can chat with each other and share your stuff, you can update your status and comment on other people’s statuses, and you can post photos to the wall and browse through the galleries. You can even upload your own profile pics and cover pics too, just like on, well, you know where!

To take part in the group, all you need to do is register on the website and once you’ve been approved you can get stuck in. There’s a News Reel page, which is fairly self-explanatory. All the latest news and posts can be found there. You can also share your own videos and links on the News Reel. There’s a page for all your messages and notifications, and there’s a page where you can edit your profile. You can also upload photos to your own personal photo albums. Your own albums can be found by visiting your profile page and clicking on ‘Media’.

Right now Fishbook needs your help to get going. It’s a brand new thing so people are shy to be the first to share their stuff on there. DON’T BE SHY, GIVE IT A TRY! What have you got to lose? If it takes off it will be a really cool place for anglers to get together as a community without having the negative aspects of the more mainstream social networks.

We’re also open to ideas. If you have any ideas for the social network, or indeed the website as a whole, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to have a chat!


Club Waters


As the membership grew over the next couple of years the committee began to organise competitions for the members, first between club members only, and later on as matches between ourselves and other clubs. The club joined the Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers in order to be part of a national organisation for match fishing, and as there would be no fishing without clean waters, it also joined the Anglers Co-operative Association to protect the waters it fishes from pollution.

The demise of the B.P.A.C. meant that the fishing rights to the Tennant Canal were up for grabs and after some meetings with the representatives of the Tennant estate, our club was able to take on theses rights for our members.

This meant that by issuing permits for this water, we could raise revenue for the club to further improve the waters, both for our members and the environment.

The club was in discussions with Mr Vobe for some time about sub leasing the Square Pond from him, when in 1991 he decided to give up his lease of the water and allow our club to enter into negotiations with the representatives of Carnaud Metal Box for control of the fishing rights.

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